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VideoAsk Product Digest - June 2022 📹

  • 1 June 2022
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VideoAsk Product Digest - June 2022 📹
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Hello again, and welcome to the June Product Digest! 🌞


Now hold on to your sun hats, because this month we’ve got some cracking updates to share! 🤠



🎉 Import contacts from Typeform


Cue fanfare -  you can now import contact details from your typeform submissions to your VideoAsk contact list!


This is great news for all those dual product users out there (and possibly a final push if you were on the fence about using the two together?) Once you’ve started collecting responses to your typeform you’ll be able to import the name and email address across to your VideoAsk contacts list and start asynchronous video conversations - taking the personal touch one step further. 


📹 Let’s take a look at how it works:



Imagine following up on leads with a personalized video message! Pretty cool right?! 😎


🔐 Private videoasks


This one has been a popular feature request in the past, so we’re very excited to see it go live!


You can now passcode protect your videoasks, useful if you need to share confidential information or create private videoasks for select people. 


📹 Here’s how it works:



It’s important to note this feature is currently only available on paid plans 🤓


👷 Builder Improvements


You may have noticed some changes to the VideoAsk builder coming into play recently, we’re working on a number of improvements to make things a little easier when navigating your inbox and creating videoasks. 


When you head to the builder you’ll notice we’ve switched up the view so you can now see what answer types you’re using in each step without having to open it. You’ll also be able to see the color palette you’ve chosen for the videoask helping you to get a quick bird’s-eye view of the videoask as you’re creating:



You’ll notice here I’m using multiple choice for my first answer type and payment for the second. This view should help you to spot where you need to make edits - like switching up the color to better match your brand! 


Let us know what you think of the latest updates in the comments below!

Plus, check out June’s videoask of the month from the very talented Jack Spareribs - showcasing a creative way to collect testimonials after an event🍹


🤳 Do you have any feedback for the VideoAsk product team? We’d love to hear from you, check out the post here to get in touch 🗣

4 replies

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Aaah I love this, @Grace! I'm particularly happy with the private feature. I believe it might encourage customers to record more videos! 😎

Tagging some users that might be interested to check this out: @Darnell @GWatBU @Mick Gordon @Mark.T @Bill Doerr @PJ Roustan @driaux 

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Yes @Gabi Amaral, you can be part of a secret club with this new privacy feature 😎

There are some cool new features coming up on the road map this year, excited to keep sharing!

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will try some Video Ask tools today have never used Typeform so was skiping these newsletters as i did not see Video ask in email subject line.

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Hey @Alan DeRossett let us know how you get on and if you have any questions about using VideoAsk 😊