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Workspace Invaders: Meet the planet-saving typeform that's helped one million people cut their emissions 🌍

  • 31 January 2024
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Workspace Invaders: Meet the planet-saving typeform that's helped one million people cut their emissions 🌍
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Hey folks!


Ever wondered if you could save the world with a single typeform? Well, ClimateHero is on a mission to do just that.


More than one million people have completed ClimateHero's Typeform-powered carbon calculator, and in total have pledged to cut more than two tonnes of carbon emissions – that's the equivalent of removing 1.5 million cars from the roads 😵


Check out our interview with Robert Sabelström, Founder of ClimateHero and find out what goes into making a beautiful, high-performing Typeform solution that delivers real value to a company that's experiencing exponential growth:



Here's a summary of what we talked about:


  • How Robert cut time to market by building an MVP with Typeform
  • How ClimateHero analyzes and optimizes their typeforms to achieve a 50% completion rate
  • How Robert "hacked the system" to create the most complex use of calculations in Typeform
  • How their Typeform solution powers an engaging customer journey – helping ClimateHero grow 80% year on year 

Under the hood 👀

Here's a recap of the features that Robert and team used to build ClimateHero's solution with links to more info on each:


Thanks a lot to @RobertSabelstrom for taking the time to share this amazing solution – we were blown away by how creatively you've used Typeform to deliver such a compelling user experience.


Try it yourself!

If you haven't yet calculated your carbon footprint with ClimateHero then what are you waiting for?! Click here and complete the typeform to find out your impact on global emissions. We'd love to hear in the comments what your climate pledges are!


2 replies

Thanks for checking out ClimateHero. I am happy to answer any questions you might have here in the feed.  //Robert  Sabelstrom


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@RobertSabelstrom - your calculator and your follow-ups are bang on what more of us need to be doing… I think i did the quiz about a month ago and have followed up on the recommendations that were made.. making small progress in the world of reducing my/our household footprint

well done at both the typeform and business concept levels!!