Automatic Indivdual Response

  • 1 December 2023
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Hey folks, 

I was wondering if it was possible to send an response to the end user with an individual response e.g. a code, after the survey was checked by me? Furthermore, is it possible to provide a list of codes, by Escel for example, and the system would send the code automatically, but every code only once?


Thanks in advance.


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2 replies

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Hi @Item m6 welcome to the community 😊

You could use the follow ups feature to send messages to people that have responded to your typeform, but I don’t think there is a trigger that allows you to check the responses first before a follow up is submitted. 

I think you would need to get clever with sending your results somewhere for checking and then triggering a reply back based on the different outcomes. 

Maybe @picsoung or someone else here in the community has set up something like this before and could help 🙏

Thank you very much. I will contact them. 😀