Can I share individual score of a quiz in an e-mail?

  • 19 October 2021
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I made a quiz and would like to share the individual score of each response in a mail instead of typeform.
Is this possible and if yes, how do I do that? :innocent:

Thanks in advance!


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10 replies

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Hi @WebredactiePA Happy Tuesday! Great question. 

You can recall variables into your form like so: 

but if you’d like to share the score of each question, you’d need to create a variable for each question and add a logic jump to each question to calculate a value for that variable. 

Hi, @Liz thanks for the answer. 
Unfortunately I wasn't clear enough...I want to automatically send the individual score with an email I design within Mailchimp :grimacing:

For now I figured out a way to share the score but it was really time consuming….so maybe there is also an easy way to share the @score with Mailchimp? :innocent:

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Ah, got it, @WebredactiePA ! How are you currently sending the score through Mailchimp? This may be the only way to go about it, but knowing what you’ve got setup now will help me answer this better. :grinning:

@Liz sorry for the late answer...I linked my typeform to zapier that filters the score and gives my contact a tag in mailchimp. So depending on the tag people get a specific email. But I had to set up a different mailflows for each tag and this was real time consuming.

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Ah! Glad to hear you got this working, @WebredactiePA . Thanks for getting back to us as well. :grin:

I’m trying to do something similar, but I want to email cumulative scores for each responder based on multiple quizzes they have completed till date, Any idea on how that might be possible?

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Hi @Ayaz We don’t have this feature within Typeform, so you would need to send this email through another provider, like your CRM system or through Zapier. Do you already have a CRM system/email service provider? 

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@Ayaz - @Liz  - just a thought to try: you could connect each quiz to a google sheet (same sheet multiple tabs) or to individual google sheet per typeform. Using the email address as the unique key across the tabs/sheets, you could have a ‘roll-up’ tab/sheet that pulls all the scores from all the surveys into a row per client and does the cumulative scoring. 

Once that is done, you could use the Document Studio add-on for google sheets to merge the data with an output template (Google Doc or slide) or simply just an email to the user with the results. 

just an easy way to push this through.. 


Thanks for the suggestion @john.desborough ! But in this case the responder would still have to enter their email address or identifier each time they do a new quiz? I was hoping there was a way that they could be spared that step with some kind of one-click log in option.

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@Ayaz - not at all difficult actually. when you notify the user to take another quiz and send them the link to the typeform, you can a) add their email address as a hidden field to the link url and b) create a hidden field variable in the typeform that acts as the ‘receiving bucket’ for that inbound hidden field. 

this way, you never ask them to input their email address on the 2nd+ forms BUT you have it available as part of the data submission in the typeform and into the google sheet tab (as part of the integration/connection). 


if you search this community for ‘hidden fields’ you will find a number of posts and links to some help centre articles on the topic. 

good luck and let me know