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  • 15 September 2023
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I am creating an assessment that shows recommendations for each question depending on your answer. I want to create a customized ending or if not possible, a customized follow-up. How can I do it? (I don’t want to do the ending based on scores as it’s not customized based on each answer per question.)

For example:

Question 1

A. Apple

B. Bees

C. Cat

Question 2

A. Ant

B. Bat

C. Crow


I want to show in the ending customized text depending on their answers per question. Below are the equivalent text I want to show:


Question 1

A. Apple = you are great

B. Bees = you are awesome

C. Cat = you nailed it

Question 2

A. Ant = you are great

B. Bat = you are awesome

C. Crow = you nailed it


If I chose the answers: Q1 - A. Apple & Q2 - C. Crow. I want the ending to look like this:


Thank you for your response!


Question 1

Based on your answer, you are great!


Question 2

Based on your answer, you nailed it!


Hope you have a great day!


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Hi @yani  Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a great week so far. 

You can show different endings based on scores or responses, but to show different texts, could you use a combination of recall information and variables to show different text? I believe @john.desborough  has an upcoming cheat sheet on this!

Hi @Liz - thank you! Would love to see the cheat sheet from @john.desborough. How can I get notified if it’s out?