How can I print the results of the survey all at once instead of one by one?

  • 22 April 2021
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How can I print the results of the survey all at once instead of one by one?

If there are 50 responses, it would be difficult to print them one by one, so I would like to know how to do it all at once.
Thank you very much.


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@jinya - welcome to the community from a fellow user

If you go to the Results tab, and select table view, you can see all the answers in a tabular format. if you check the ‘select all box’ in the upper left corner you can select all the rows and at the bottom of the report you can see the option to export to csv/xlsx file

hope this helps though it may not be the only method.. 



Thank you for answering!

I can download the files, but I want to implement the printing of all of them in the same way that I print one result.

By using CSV, the formatting is broken and it becomes difficult to see when printing and using.

The layout for printing a single result is beautiful, so is there a way to print all the survey results at once with that layout? I'd like to know.


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@jinya - you could connect your form to Google Sheets and generate the report from there, merge the data with a template you create in Docs, Sheets or Slides and get a really nice print out (and or email the pdf) - using Document Studio as an add-in .. 

just a thought if you can’t get the results you want from Typeform natively


hello community-  why can’t I generate a results report in pdf beyond 8 questions? I am a paying customer of typeform


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We use Typeform seasonally and last year we could print an entire PDF, but now only what’s visible on the page prints.