How do I use a ranking variable in Excel ?

  • 19 January 2022
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Hello !

I’m getting difficulties to use the results of my ranking question in Excel :/

I don’t know how can I recreate the results shown in the summary (I need to for a school project).

Here’s how it looks in Excel

Should I divide it in several columns, separated by “,” ?

But then again it doesn’t work because I need to take into account two things:

  • The fact that every text will be replaced by a number 1-2-3-4-5 (that I can manage)
  • The fact that every number is also an order of importance (the fact that the response 4 is in the first column makes it the first most important one : 1).

I have zero idea of how can I code or replace the latter, or even combine it with the first series of number.

I’m also using SPSS as a way to calculate averages, etc. for the project.

Any (quick) help for a student in need please ? :)

Thanks !


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3 replies

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Hi @vicsalazar123 Thanks for stopping by the community! Could you provide a bit more information on how you’re trying to display the data? Are you looking to create a chart/graph/etc with all the ranking options? 

I’m not terribly familiar with Excel, but @john.desborough or @Paulo might be!

Yes, a chart/graph/etc with all the ranking options, that would be ideal !

I would like to display :

  1. What’s the top feature (the one with the most #1 ndlr, the top grade)
  2. What’s inside each feature, what’s the detail of the grade (how many people graded 1-2-3-4-5 a feature)

Hope this helps :)

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Hi @vicsalazar123 Yes, thank you! I think the easiest setup would be to connect the form to Google Sheets and use Document Studio to display this information how you would like. 


@kellywonder also just created this really cool custom option with her form, and while it shows a scoreboard, I think the setup could be similar to something you’d want to do!