How to export a report from a closed / private typeform

  • 17 September 2021
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How do you do this???

I have a form that I have closed, but everytime I go to view the results it says that the report is private…

I am trying to export a report for a form that I have closed. I dont understand why this function is blocked?

The Help Center article does not have any of the information about this that it claims to.


Is there no way to export a report unless your form is not private? because this makes no sense.



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8 replies

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@reconfine - welcome to the communty

sometimes this happens if you are NOT the owner of the account… some functions only the owner can perform. 

you might want to raise a ticket with Support so that you have two vectors working on it. (the wonderful Community support folks from Typeform are in this space during their working hours… this is a bit of a deadzone at 10pm eastern) 


Thanks for the quick reply John, i’ll get a ticket raised. Glad to hear this is not expected behavior.

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@reconfine  - you are welcome.. hope they can sort it out for you quickly.. good thing is that the Support team is in Barcelona and should be coming online sooner than the east coast of NA… 


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Hi @reconfine Was the support team able to solve the issue? If so, do let us know what solved it in case anyone else has the same issue!

Answer from support:

Reports are unavailable if you have downgraded to a free plan.

Results can still be accessed and exported.

Disappointing, but better than nothing.

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Thanks for following up, @reconfine ! Let us know if we can help with anything else. 


qué incluye la  analítica básica de TYPEFORM? 


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Hi @ANLLEL Thanks for stopping by! The language of the community is English, so I hope you don’t mind my reply in English. 

You can view all of the features of the Basic plan here, but the quick version is that in the Basic plan, you can view your results, but you won’t be able to access reports or insights on this plan. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!