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  • 24 September 2021
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Hi Community,


all of my typeforms show the same error when I try to get the insights: 

“We can't see the big picture right now

Sorry, this is embarrassing—but your data is safe. <a href="">Refresh</a> the page or come back later”


I used the insights all time time and find them very helpful. I definitely need to see where people leave. Since last week there is this annoying error. I noticed before that there suddenly was a problem with showing the insights of the actual day. Now it`s a total failure. 


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8 replies

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Hi @Trypeform Thanks for stopping by! Are you seeing this issue when you try to filter down the results? Or just in general? 

Regardless, I would suggest reaching out to our support team, as they have a bug currently open for this for filtering the results insight. You can contact them from your account here, and they’ll be able to update you on the status of the bug. 

Hi Liz,

I see this issue when I try to see the insights. It shows the overview for half a second and switches directly to “we can`t see… “ 

I did contact them yesterday but haven`t heard back in any form, either with a ticket or any other reply. 

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Hi @Trypeform Our support team hasn’t seen a ticket come in from the email address on your account. Did you happen to submit it under a different email than the one on your account? 

Hi Liz,

No, it was the same email I use for my account. 

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Hm, could you DM me the email on your account? Happy to see if it’s different than the one we have for you, @Trypeform !

Hi Liz,

happy to see that since yesterday the insights work again! So I assume the problem is solved and I can check all my stats now ;)


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Thanks for the heads up @Trypeform . Cool name by the Way 😆

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Wahoo! Glad to hear, @Trypeform !