Opinion scale question responses not showing

  • 21 February 2024
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Hi everyone, I have built a survey with primarily opinion scale questions but only 1 out of the 19 are showing up on my response tab to analyze. Plus, the one question that is showing is on a 1 to 10 scale but the questions are all formatted 1 to 5.


I took the assessment myself so confirmed that it should have answers there.  I am just using the OOB questions and the free account so not customizing anything so don’t know why it is not working. 


Anyone else come across this issue?

5 replies

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Hi @hellowellb Hm, that’s odd. Have you published any changes made to the form? 

If you also wouldn’t mind sending a screenshot of what you have built in the builder as well as the URL of your form, that would be great!

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Hey @hellowellb don’t forget to share a screenshot and the form so we can try to help! 😊


I am also having the same problem. Opinion scale questions out of 10 seem to be recording the data. My opinion scale question out of 5 doesn’t record the data.


Actually, scratch that. There are some out of 5 questions being recorded, however later in the survey some 10 ones aren’t. The opinion scale type question is very buggy and is costing me a lot of valuable data. 



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Hi @ENWWF Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the trouble with the opinion scale. First, is the scale marked as required

If so, do you mind sharing the URL of the form so we can take a look at it? Thanks in advance!