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  • 3 February 2023
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Hello the community and the Dev team,

I’m quite puzzled to see that the Ranking Question can give, in the summary the detailed results, but not in the response extract - where only the first choice is recorded.

Any advise or news to track the full data set from this type of questions… without creating a too complex form (multiply the questions...)



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4 replies

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Hi @Kant1 You can see the order in which each individual respondent ranking their options like this: 


Thank you Liz, 

but the full data is not exported in a table like .xls isn’t it ?

with dozens of answers, on 10 questions, it will be quite fastidious to do so :-(

any type ? Or a possibility to export the summary output in data file ?




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@Kant1 - if you connect the typeform to either excel or google sheet, you can get the data pushed into the selected tool. from there you can use the internal functions to ‘split’ the response details into separate columns (based on the order in which they exist in the string of characters) 


just a thought



Thanks John, i didn’t see the first time the complete string - with multiple choices 🫣
It will be feasible to calculate the average !