Recall Answer in Email after taking Quiz

I’ve created a quiz and want the respondent to receive an email with the correct answer and their own answer. I’ve created the email action, but can’t figure out how or what to add so that the person can see what their answer actually was vs the correct answer.


Best answer by Liz 10 July 2024, 21:16

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Hi @djpalan Welcome to the community! I hope you’re having a great week so far. 

You would want to use our recall feature to show the answers that the respondent provided. 

You can either recall all of the answers or recall each manually. Since you want to show their answer versus the correct answer, I would suggest setting it up manually. This means that you would type out the question, recall the answer, and then show the correct answer something like this: 



Thanks @Liz. It’s so funny because I saw this feature when I was creating the email and just thought by adding the question it was restating it, but this makes a lot more sense. Thanks for your help. 

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Ha no worries, @djpalan ! Let me know if I can help with anything else. 😀

You can achieve this by including placeholders in your email action for both the respondent's answer and the correct answer. Most quiz platforms support this feature. Look for options like {{user_answer}} and {{correct_answer}} or something similar in your email settings. Insert these placeholders into your email template so respondents can see both their answers and the correct ones.

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Thanks for sharing, @emmawilson !