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  • 22 November 2021
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Hello again!

I connected my typeform with google sheet, to have my respondents scores. 

I did it successfully, but i just have a global score and I would like to have each response’s SCORE (that I set in logic setup) by a number instead of words on my google sheet receipt.

I would like to send my respondents a formulaire with score details , chapter by chapter.

thanks to help me :)


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5 replies

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Hi @Guigin Welcome to the community! Happy to have you here. 

The score on a form will add up throughout the form. If you’d like to have a score for each question or set of questions, you would need to create multiple variables first. 

Then, in the form calculation, you’ll need to assign a value to that variable for every question. 

Then, you can recall the variables in the notification settings to send the respondent’s score as you’ve set it up according to the variables. 

Hopefully this helps get you started!

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hey Liz! thanks again for helping me, you’re my typeform angel… I’ve just watched tutos about variables, it seems good. bye!

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@Guigin Haha glad that helped! Happy to be shining down on your forms whenever you need it! :grinning::rofl:

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Exactly! my boss is so happy since i met my typecoach on the web. thanks Again Liz  ! I found thé logic set up ! it s one of the most powerful itypeform"s utility. 

see you  on my next problem 🤣

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Haha hopefully you don’t have too many more issues, but if you do, I’ll be here, @Guigin ! :joy: