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  • 19 January 2022
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For several days I have not been able to download Results for a Typeform survey I send out. Every other screen in the program works fine. Results page keeps spooling and then times out. It will load my data as a table, then it freezes and gives me “wait” messages. Have tried on different computers and with different wifi systems (I have 3 systems).

The Contact Us page isn’t working for me either. Anyone have suggestions?



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11 replies

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Sounds like something isn't right @Donut Baker Would you mind recording the error and post it here? We can the send it to out tech team. 

Hi Gabriel - thank you for your super speedy response. Following is a Loom link to a video that I made of the problem I am having in Typeform. Thank you again for your assistance.


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Much appreciated @Donut Baker 

@Liz , have you seen this before? 

Hi Gabriel - Yes. That page has always been slow. However, this last week it will not let me get past the point of loading the page. I can’t get my data.

If the problem is going take time to fix, can I please get a download of all the 31 completed responses in the .xls format ​​​so that I can create reports with the data?

My email address in the system is

Thank you!


Hi Gabriel:  Correction - I believe I signed up with my Google account which has the email address attached.


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I sent your video to the tech team @Donut Baker , I'll let you know what they say as soon as they share info with me. 

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I spoke to one of our tech gurus and they haven’t seen this before. A recommendation is trying an incognito window as this may resolve the issue. 

One way or another I’ve asked them to get in touch with you, so you should receive an message from them. 

Keep up posted with developments here in the community! 

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Hi @Donut Baker If you haven’t already tried to clear the cache on the browser, this should help solve the issue. Additionally, it may help to change internet connections, just in case that happens to be the hiccup. That happens to me when I’m using cellular data or a particularly slow connection. 

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Hey @Donut Baker! I was wondering if you were able to try the suggestions Gabriel and Liz gave above? Let us know if you did and if they worked! Hoping any of them helped you out. Have a nice day! :wink:

Hi - I have tried all the suggestions. I did talk to one of the tech team and this is a problem that they have seen before. They are investigating.

In the meantime, if someone would please send me my data, that would be nice. I can’t get a response on that.


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Ah, I understand! @Donut Baker 

Let us know what is their conclusion once they have one. Curious to see how it goes!