Sending multiple choice answers to ActiveCampaign

  • 17 January 2022
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We have a form that has a few questions that are multiple choice, when the form is submitted we want the selections to match the custom fields in ActiveCampaign. There is a native integration which would work, BUT it is only able to be run once per contact and in our situation a contact may enter this form multiple times so I am going through Zapier.

The form is submitted and Zapier parses the data, and I match all the fields. For the multiple choice responses the data comes in as a comma separated list, but to add it to ActiveCampaign the selections need to be double piped (||). I have Zapier replace the comma with the double pipes, but it looks like there is a space left between the responses.

As an example, the data coming into Zapier for a multiple choice response may be Answer A, Answer B, Answer C, Answer D. I then replace the comma with the double pipe so them my data looks like Answer A|| Answer B|| Answer C|| Answer D but this left over space is causing only the first entry to be selected.

I’ve tried using the Zapier function to remove the space but it never seems to “find” a space to remove.

2 replies

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Hi @WickedSmahtMarketing Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having a good one. I’m not terribly familiar with how to remove the spacing within Zapier, but there may be someone in the community who does know. 

Could you send a few screenshots of what you currently have setup in Zapier? 

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Hey @WickedSmahtMarketing! How are you doing? Don't forget to send us some screenshots of your setup in Zapier! We'd need more info in order to help you. Hope you have a great day! :wink: