Slack and HubSpot integration

I would like to achieve a flow, where I know who exactly answered the survey. So far, I do not see which contact sent a response even after connecting Slack and HubSpot with Typeform. Could you please adivise?


Best answer by Karl OL 16 May 2024, 19:00

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Hi @Karl OL Do you have identifying questions on the form, such as an email or name field? Or, are you passing this information in through hidden fields

Hi @Liz ! 
We would like to run it through the hidden fields. We do not have any identifying question on the form.

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Ah got it! If you have hidden fields, how are you sharing the form with your respondents? Are they accessing it via email? 

Hi @Liz!
I created an email in HubSpot marketing. In this email I added a link directing the respondent to the Typeform Survey. 

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Do you mind sharing how you have the link formatted, @Karl OL ?

I think I managed!
The format is:<IremovedID>#from={{ personalization_token('contact.firstname', '') }} {{ personalization_token('contact.lastname', '') }}, {{ personalization_token('', '') }}&email={{ personalization_token('', '') }}

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Ah thank you so much, @Karl OL !!