Typeform Results 'ranking' question - Summary vs Report

  • 4 March 2022
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Hi there

First time user here.  One of my Typeform questions asked respondents to rank ten items in order of importance.


In the summary, I can clearly see the items in order that they were ranked, i.e. the most popular on average is at the top and the least popular is at the bottom.


However when I go to generate this as a report, the items are presented without the ranking, simply each item shows its own individual bar graph of how many people placed it in which number ranking. So the viewer of the report will have to scroll through all ten items and do the maths in their head to see which one ranked highest.


This seems counter-intuitive, so naturally I assume I have done something wrong. Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks




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8 replies

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Hi @pia Thanks for stopping by the community! It should be listing the items in the order of lowest to highest rank. Do you mind sending a screenshot so I can take a look? 

In the summary page, it shows it in order




But in the generated report, it reorders it generally so the top of the list (in generated report view) isn’t even one of the top five in ranking (which can be seen above in summary view) and there is no averages either.




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Hi @pia Thank you! This helps a lot. I asked our product team about this, and they let me know the following: 

The report reflects the order of the builder, but the summary page orders the options according to average value. There is no reason behind this other than it must have been missed when it was originally implemented. It’s in our backlog to fix it 

I know that’s not the most helpful answer, but hopefully that gives some insight as to why the ordering is different. 

Thank you, I look forward to when this is fixed, as it would be very helpful if the report results reflected the results as seen on the summary page.  Is there an expected timeline for when this might be fixed?

Many thanks


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Hi @pia This is currently in their backlog, so we don’t have a timeframe at the moment. If I do see any updates, I’ll post them here. :grinning:

+1 to this feature - I’d REALLY like to get a live report URL showing the current reanking order avergae of all responders.

The current report of all items one-by-one is actually useless in most cases :) thanks!

Has this been updated since the thread was started 2 years ago? I still have the same complaint that the way reports display ranking results is pretty useless. Please advise. Thanks

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@adzenati At the moment, this isn’t prioritized, but we do have some new insights features coming up. This may or may not fix the issue (I’m not totally sure yet what’s planned), so keep an eye on the community!