August community roundup ⛵

  • 9 September 2022
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August community roundup ⛵
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Summer is officially over, and I’m not ready for it! I know many of you are all about your pumpkin spice latte season, so hats off to you if you’ve been waiting for September to roll in. While the temperatures cool down for a lot of us in the world, let’s take a few moments to remember the last month of summer here at Typeform.  

Off we go!


📈 Since August, we’ve had 821 new folks join the community, bringing us to a total of 17,703 members. 101 of you were VideoAsk users - yay! 


🗣️   218 conversations were started, with 1381 likes handed out 


👀   79, 724 visitors stopped by the community and 33,809 of those were unique views. 


✅  90.37% of questions were answered - yay for answers!


Here are some of the highlights from last month: 


Even though many of us were on holiday the month of August, @Grace  created this handy guide here on converting your VideoAsk URL to a QR code. Take a peek to learn how to make your own cute QR code, too, or learn how to integrate your calendar to VideoAsk here


Where have you been on holiday this summer? Share with us here and take a peek at where we’ve been traveling! I took a few weeks off in August, and true to my word, I did have a barbecue that I did not invite the rest of the community team to. 🤣


A couple of other pieces of good news from August –you can now remove questions numbers and randomize the answers in the ranking block. 


August was relatively quiet as we all took some much-needed time off, so give yourselves a round of applause for all the great work you did building forms.

Shout out to @john.desborough @Grace @picsoung @mathio  @Darnell @Gabi Amaral @the conservative@Gabolino @Mikkel @ActionJackson for hanging out with us last month.


Thanks for a great summer! I have a feeling September is going to be a great start to Fall. Let us know what you have planned and if there are any great typeforms coming your way!


See you all next month!


7 replies

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Appreciate this update @Liz and wishing you and the rest of the crew an awesome autumn ahead!

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Appreciate this update @Liz and wishing you and the rest of the crew an awesome autumn ahead!

Same to you, @Darnell ! I’ll be waiting for pumpkin beer posts in Barception ha!

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Thank you @Liz  for the shout out, it's an honor and a pleasure to be part of this community!

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Shout out to you as well, @Liz! Amazing numbers! 😍

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Great to see this @Liz another awesome month! 🎉 

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let’s keep growing!!


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@the conservative we’re happy you’re a part of it!