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Add a calendar to your videoask 📆

  • 24 August 2022
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Add a calendar to your videoask 📆
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Hello one and all! 😺 I’m back again with another little suggestion for vamping up your videoasks...


Calendar Integrations!


VideoAsk integrates with 4 scheduling platforms so you can easily add a booking system into your videoask flow. 


Simply select the Calendar Answer Type from the dropdown list in the Step:



Or drag and drop from the new control panel, and add in the link to your calendar 🚀



Here’s one I made earlier


In this example I’m a personal trainer offering a free trial session for my new fitness program. I could embed the videoask on a landing page or on my website, or email it out to my mailing list to try and entice clients to sign up to my new program.



I’ve used Calendly for this example, but all of the integrations follow a similar format. As soon as someone books in an appointment on the calendar you will receive a notification via email, plus you will see the responses to your videoask in the inbox.

You can also use VideoAsk to gather additional information that could be handy to have before the appointment, so feel free to add on as many steps as you need, depending on your use case.



Calendar booking videoasks can be used in a variety of ways and can be especially useful for lead generation and solopreneurs that need help automating work flows.


💡 Let us know in the comments what you think! 

5 replies

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Aaah, I'm fan number one of Calendly + Typeform! Happy to see how it works on VideoAsk! 

Tagging some users that might be interested on it: @Darnell @talon256 @Mikkel @IvanLC @the conservative @jstrauss @switters 

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Yay! Thanks @Gabi Amaral

Also tagging @Kyle Wick so you can see the calendar integration setup here! 

If anyone has any questions, lemme know! 😁

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@Grace @Gabi Amaral huge fan of this integration too! I love when my fav apps play well with one another, ha! I especially love when integrations help me scale and being able to automagically book appts is paramount for me.

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automagically - @Darnell love it! 😆

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Sound’s great!