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Meaningful Episode 6: Mark DiCristina VP Brand @Mailchimp

  • 27 September 2021
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Meaningful Episode 6: Mark DiCristina VP Brand @Mailchimp
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Were any of you surprised when Mailchimp sold to Intuit for $12 billion (with a “B”) dollars? With an annual revenue of over $700 million dollars, Mailchimp built one of the most lovable B2B brands in the space. I sat down with Mark DiCristina to dig into what makes them so loved, and some lessons (and examples) for up and coming companies.


Check out the interview here:



Hope you enjoy.



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@paul - another great episode!

great #takeaways here, at least for me:

  • the relationship is more than just the transaction (totally agree with you!) - build that relationship with “purity of intent”
  • storytelling is a key ingredient in building brand - both internally and externally

and i think we can all think a lot on the words of Mark’s father: “remember who you are and use what you have been given” 

If we ALL do that, then we can shape/change the HX