🚫 Please Don't Click Links in Private DM

  • 3 April 2023
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Hello and happy Monday, folks!

You might have received a private message from a user with a link to a Google Doc. 

Please do not click this link. 

While I’ve banned the user and other accounts they have created, I’m working with our community support team to prevent any more of these messages from being sent from any new accounts created by the same user. 

Until then, please don’t click on the link!

Unless you receive a link to a gif from me. Then you should absolutely click the link. 😀

5 replies

Is anyone else receiving DMs like this? Also, how do I contact Typeform Community Support? I tried emailing community@typeform.com, but received an error.



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Hi @michellesdsdsdsdsd I moved your post here. I’m trying to stop these messages from being sent out - just know I’m aware of the issue! I’ve banned both of those users. 

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Hi again, folks! Just a small update that we were able to remove those DMs and prevent the user from creating any further accounts. If you do receive messages like this from anyone else, please keep reporting them. 😀


Thank you, Liz!

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@michellesdsdsdsdsd Welcome! Thanks for reporting it, too. I appreciate it!