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  • 25 January 2021
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Soon after joining Typeform last summer I (virtually) met Paul, our Brand and Comms Director. He opened the meeting with “I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time”. 


When I asked him about his view about the Typeform Community, Paul was brutally honest: “No brand will survive the new decade without a strong community”. I couldn’t agree more. 


We had plans to launch the community in 2020 but things got delayed due to COVID. At Typeform we are a pretty stubborn bunch though (in a good way) and after a lot of planning, teamwork and close collaboration with customers, we finally managed to officially launch our very own community :champagne: .


Why all the trouble then?


Our main goal as a brand is getting closer to our community and creating a more meaningful relationship with you all, so this is will be a vital tool for us to execute our ‘meaningful’ strategy. 


We love this quote from Christine Werner, our Director of Customer Success, and main community sponsor at Typeform.


“We built this community to get closer to our customers. Leading with empathy is not just a nice to have, it’s a must have, especially as we approach a new way of building more personal business relationships.”


Here’s more from Christine: 


There’s a lot coming to Typeform in 2021. From new feature releases to new integrations, as part of the community, you’ll be the first to know about it. Plus, you’ll:


  • Ask questions about your typeforms, share tips and build awesome forms with the help of others in the community. 

  • Get exclusive "behind the scenes" access into how Typeform has grown its business – with the help of our own tools!

  • Network with like-minded people and share what's working for you

  • Find out others' hacks and tricks to unblock everything you'd like to do with Typeform

  • Learn more about real world use cases and how people are integrating Typeform into their tech stack.


We’ll evolve over time, and we want to do so with you. This is just the very beginning, we have a lot to learn, improve and exciting projects for you. We are confident we’ll built a really great community, one member and one conversation at at time. 

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