About date field : how to delete "Tab"

  • 25 July 2021
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Hello Every one,


I have a question about the Date field. Is it possible to configure the form you don’t have to press on Tab each time enter a complete date. I mean, is it possible for the user to enter “05121991” and the date field is automatically complete as “05/12/1991” (and not enter “05Tab12Tab1991”).


Thanks for your help !




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Hi @Franck! Happy to have you at the Typeform Community! :heart_eyes:

Unfortunately, it's not possible to only insert the numbers and automatically save them as a date. This means the respondents would need to press on Tab or click on the following field with their mouse, but I can see how this would be useful!

Hopefully, this will be an option in the future.You can read more about this question type in this article

Have a great week! :hugging:

This is shocking that you don’t have a more user friendly approach to entering the dates given that one of the best aspects of Typeform is the UX. Is there a js workaround that perhaps we can integrate on our own? It’s a frustrating experience to have to hit tab or click to the next field. slows users down. 

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ckwiat, I feel the exact same way! I’m shocked that this is not already automatic when entering dates. It is quite frustrating in deed to have to hit the tab or click to the next field for a date. Slows users down and it annoying!! Most forms make it user friendly to enter dates so it seems lame that TypeForm doesn’t make it easy considering TypeForm is trying to position itself as specializing in easy-to-use forms. 

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing the same issue as @Franck  with the date field.

Every time I enter a date, I have to press Tab or click on the next field, which is quite cumbersome.

I’ve tried the solutions suggested by @Gabi Amaral , but none of them work for me.

Has anyone found another alternative to automatically move the cursor to the next field once it’s filled?

Thank you in advance for your assistance! 🙏

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Hi @David Agis I don’t believe we have a workaround for this, but I can share this feedback to the product team for you. What device/browser are you looking at the form on? 

Hi @Liz , thank you for offering to forward my feedback to the product team. I am using Firefox as my browser to view the form. Looking forward to any updates or workarounds that might be available in the future. Thanks again for your help!

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Thanks, @David Agis ! That’s helpful to know. I’ll share that with the product team!