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  • 18 January 2023
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I would like to use Typeform to share training content with my teams.

For this in intend to share videos followed by questions. (Figure this is possible),

But I would also like to add some optional downloadable content to each video. 
How can this be done??





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6 replies

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Hi @SkyBro Our article here can walk you through adding videos to the Typeform. Though, it isn’t possible to add a downlink in those videos, but you could add a hyperlink in the Questions or Descriptions. 

Hi Liz,


Thank you for your response. I understand videos cannot be downloadable.  Can we add download PDF files or send pdf files to email id’s provided by the users?





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Hi @SkyBro We don’t have a field that would allow the user to download an item, so my best recommendation would be to host that file elsewhere and hyperlink to it in the form (either in a question or its description). 

Thanks. Will try that.

Is it possible to use the Button option to add the hyperlink to a downloadable file. 

I tried to add a hyperlink and it worked but along hyperlink does not look nice visually.

Since the Button is a paid function, I have not been able to try this.

Also is a full functional trial version available so I can see what level of branding and customisation is possible for the background and domain.

I intend to use this platform as an alternative to developing a landing page for a product awareness campaign and customisation of the look and feel is critical for this decision. 


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Hi @SkyBro We don’t have the option to add additional buttons, so the hyperlink is the only workaround we have at the moment.