Being prompted to upgrade when only free features are in use

  • 20 January 2022
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I am on a free account and when I go to ‘publish’ I am told I need to upgrade due to logic jumps and multiple endings. 

These are included under the free feature list - why is this happening? 


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8 replies

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@rachelonpointe - i posted this on the other thread where you had the same question.

a quick question: how many questions do you have in your form? are you using a welcome screen as well? how many ending screens do you have? each one of those accounts for 1 ‘question’ and you have a limit of 10 (welcome +question count+ ending count = max 10) 

if you have more, then that may be why you are seeing the message. 


if you can provide a screen shot of your Create workspace showing question list and then describe your logic jumps, we might be able help you better. 





Thanks John - I think I replied there with my screenshot. here it is again, I don’t have more than 10 including the welcome and endings. 


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Hi @rachelonpointe Do you happen to have the redirect feature turned on in those endings? If so, you may need to upgrade your account, as the redirect feature is only available in some plans


I don’t think so. 


This is what my publish button says - logic jumps and endings. Both included under the free plan. 

Let me see if I can 

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Ah, thanks for the screenshot, @rachelonpointe ! You’ll need to remove the extra endings and the logic jumps in order to publish the form. 


Do you mean all of them? Or am I only allowed one logic jump/ending? 

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Hi @rachelonpointe The free plan only includes one ending and limited use of logic jumps. 

You can see exactly what features are available in your plan by logging into your Typeform account, and going to your Account Settings.


great. thank you!!! This was what I needed to hear.