Best Template for Client Onboarding Process

  • 22 January 2022
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I am starting a coaching business and I want to use Typeform to gather information from my potential clients. I think Typeform is perfect for giving my clients an enjoyable onboarding experience. Before I start building out my form, I wanted to get some feedback on my plans:

I want to ask them a series of questions about their lifestyle and preferences, and I plan to use Zapier to add their responses to a database. Am I correct that this is possible?

Ideally, upon finishing the form, the potential client would be presented the opportunity to purchase a subscription to my service through Stripe. 

The part that I’m really stumped on is this: Is it possible to give the client feedback on their responses to the form? For example, let’s say I’m asking someone various questions related to their stress levels. Would it be possible to use Typeform to assess a potential clients level of stress, according to some preset criteria that I have designated? Give the client feedback that their stress level is relatively low, or high according to how they answered a series of questions?

Feedback or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

4 replies

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Hi @bek Happy Monday! This sounds like the kind of service I need ha! 

Some questions to help me: 

  1. What database are you connecting to? 
  2. Are you hoping to send feedback right after they submit the form? Or send it via email and then direct them to a Stripe payment? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @bek! I hope you're having a nice day! 

Just passing by to send you something I think it might be VERY HELPFUL to you! :heart_eyes:

We've interviewed a business coach that has been using Typeform with different integrations and it has been working very well. I think her use case is pretty similar to yours! Check it out over here:

Let me know if it helps! I hope it will! :pray_tone2:

Hi @Liz

Thanks so much for your response! 

1. I'm looking at Firebase/Firestore but not committed yet. What works most seamlessly with Typeform? 

2. The best case scenario would be that they receive the feedback immediately, then are presented with a choice of subscriptions, they pick one, and check out!

In retrospect, I don't think it's a template I'm looking for, just some guidance to get started. :)


@Gabi Amaral    yes! This does look very similar. I will check it out. Thank you very much!!