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  • 2 February 2021
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Hi @jwgordon93 Happy Friday! I moved your post here where we have a workaround for this since it isn’t a feature we currently provide. 


Hey Liz,


I’m not seeing the answer here, as I’ve already disabled the navigation buttons on my form, but users are still able to scroll around. 


Is it possible to prevent users from being able to scroll back to old questions?  

Is it possible to allow the use of the browser buttons to go back and forward?


If not I might need to use a different service b/c this is a pretty basic UX feature that makes using typeform quite unintuitive.

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Hi Brousse. Welcome to our Community! 🚀


Thanks for sharing your use case - I hear you. Although you cannot block the go-back function to avoid having respondents jumping back to previous questions, you can choose to hide the navigation arrows. Check here how it would look like. To do that, go to the Settings menu and toggle the Navigation arrows


This would make the option to go back less intuitive. However, respondents still have the option to jump back to the previous question by holding down shift+tab or scrolling with a mouse. 


I hope it helps, Brousse! Let us know how it goes. 

Hi @jwgordon93 we have the answered marked in the post earlier which explains the limitations of the navigation and some workarounds. 

Typeform can’t be used for Quizzes because of that problem.

Especially is there is a score. Users can go back and change answers...

Everyone need this to be fixed/optioned.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @NicoKantar !