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  • 2 November 2023
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Before I dive in too hard here, I really want to know if what I describe is possible. I’ll try to be as clear as possible. 

We need users to respond to their abilities on many role-specific responsibilities. After they complete the entire questionnaire, they press submit and a copy goes to them and to us. AND then for any areas they need training on, we want those responsibilities to populate all together into another form with the resources for that training. 


Two different ways we can consider:

Example a:

In 2023, I have completed 10 or more (select all that apply):

financial conversations

mortgage applications

mutual fund applications

Branching needs: If user doesn’t select one or more options, the branch would send them to another form that shows only those not selected, ideally as a checklist, that would also have links to the training resources.


Example b:

Topic specific - financial conversations (select all that apply):

In 2023, I have completed 10 or more financial conversations

In 2023, my financial conversations have resulted in more than $x sales

I struggle to hold these financial conversations

I don’t have enough information to hold financial conversations

Branching needs: if user doesn’t select two or more options, we will need to support them with training and need to branch them to another form that shows inks to the training resources. But only after all other questions have been responded to. The second form would have all the areas they need support. 


I’m not sure if I have given enough info or not, please ask questions as need be. Thank you for your help!



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Hi @cindyd This definitely makes sense - thanks for sharing! You could do this using logic jumps, and on the very last question of the form, set the parameters for this to redirect the respondent to a different form and/or URL.