Branching logic with a multi-select question?

  • 4 August 2022
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Hi there Typeform wizards! I am new to Typeform / creating logic and hoping someone can help me out… I am stumped! I have a form that starts where a user can select anywhere from 0-3 options. Based on those answers, they would receive specific follow up questions related to the up-to-three selections they chose. All respondents would have the same final question and Thank you exit screen. 


My issue is: if I say my favorite foods are Apples and Eggs, I want the form to show me the follow up question on Apples and Eggs only. In my current setup, I can only figure out a way to start with the Apple question, and then it goes through all the remaining questions in order. How can I *only* show the relevant subsequent options based on a user selecting multiple options (anywhere from 0-3) in the first question?


Some illustrative questions below….


Question 1: Select your favorite three foods from the options below (you can select anywhere from 0-3).

Apples, Bananas, Cantaloupe, Dragonfruit, Eggs, French Fries, Grapefruit


Question 2: You selected Apples. Choose the options below that reflect what you love most (multi-select)

A, B, C, D


Question 3. You selected Bananas. Choose the options below that reflect what you love most (multi-select)

E, F, G, H


Question 4. You selected Cantaloupe. Choose the options below that reflect what you love most (multi-select)




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@stephoborg - have a look at this example i created a while ago.. 

is this the sort of logic flow that you are trying to replicate? 


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Yes @john.desborough! I was hoping to skip the “now for a question about X” because it will only be one question for each initial selection, but this is it exactly. Can you share any more about how you created the logic?

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@stephoborg - i used the question group approach so that it was easier for me to be able to add in additional question groups, simply by duplicate the question group 


here’s a series of screen shots 


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THANK YOU, so much, for this incredibly helpful response! This is exactly what I was trying to do (I realized my error when you shared your helpful screenshots - I had set up the first part of the logic for the first branch, but I didn’t do the next steps you shared of adding logic to each subsequent question in the branch). Just implemented this and it worked great! Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to respond and share your wisdom :)

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@stephoborg - glad to hear it worked for you. 



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@john.desborough is the BEST, @stephoborg! Happy you made it with his help! Why don't you share your form with us so we can give you some feedback on it?