Can't find my typeform!!

Hi Everyone!! I have a question for you! I've created 3 different typeforms like couple of months ago and now I decided that I would like to update however I couldn't find them on my working area. I really don't know where they have gone.

Pls help!!! 


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Hi @SaraDelgado9 Welcome to the community! Our support team can find the forms by searching in our backend using the URL. If you haven’t already, you can contact them from your support email here to ask for some help!

Hi all, last week the company I’m currently working for forgot to pay the Typeform suscription but paid this week. The problem is that there is a typeform that is lost, it was originally created by me on my bosses workspace but now it’s gone. It’s neither on his workspace or mine. Has this happened to anybody? Or knows a way that I can find it?


The typeform is currently working, because I can answer it but aparrently the results are not going where they used to go. So I tried to find it to rederict the answers to the page we used to gather them. And thats when I realized it was lost.



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Hi @Gualdini I’ve added your post here where we have more information on next steps to find your form. 😀