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  • 7 April 2022
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Hi Community!

We are a consultancy firm with many clients that we build basically the same Typeform surveys for. We’d love to be able to build a template survey in our account to share with them. Do you know if this is possible? Each new survey must be under the client’s individual account, so essentially we would like to be able to copy our template over into their account.

Thanks for any insight!

Natalie at Everoot Consulting


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7 replies

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@Everoot Consulting - welcome Natalie to the Community

If you are a Typeform Agency Partner and the client grants you permissions, you can copy/move templates into their workspace.

If you are not, then you can raise a help ticket with Typeform Support and outline the situation (including the Create admin link for the typeform and the email of the account owner to which you wish to move the file) and the Typeform Support folks will contact the other party and validate this is acceptable and then move it on your behalf in the background. 

I have done this several times prior to becoming a Typeform partner. 






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Hello @Everoot Consulting! Hope you're having a nice day! Can you share more details of this template you want to create? If you already have some existing forms, we'd love to take a look and give some feedback! 😊

They are basically feedback surveys (stakeholder survey, supplier survey, employee survey, customer survey) that we would like to as Des said pull into our clients accounts. Currently they give us their login information and we recreate the survey every time but this is very time consuming and tedious. We would love another option!

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Hi @Everoot Consulting If you haven’t already reached out to the partnership team, this would be a good option for you and much less time consuming than needing to contact support each time you want to move a form into another account. 

@Liz How do I reach out to the Partnership team?


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Hi @Everoot Consulting You can contact them here. 😀

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@Everoot Consulting Let us know if you were able to get in touch with the Partnership team! Have a nice day!