Custom background image is blurry

  • 22 November 2021
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I uploaded a custom background image, and even though it does not exceed the max image size requirements, seems like it’s still being resized because it looks very blurry.

What can I do to fix it?


Original Image:

Uploaded Image:




10 replies

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Hi @avital_negev Welcome to the community! That image does look pretty blurry. Do you mind providing the specs for the original image so I can ask the support team if they have any recommendations? The downloaded one from the community won’t be the same as the original.



Hi @Liz,

The image size is 1269 × 714 px, I also tried 1680 × 946 but it also looks blurry.




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Huh. Do you know if the image is really high quality? If so, this would cause the image to become compressed when added to the form, @avital_negev .

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Hi @avital_negev! Can you let us know about the quality of the image? Like my friend Liz mentioned above, if the quality is really high then the image would be compressed when you add it to your form. Let us know if you were able to solve this! :wink:

Hi @Liz and @Gabi Amaral 


I created the image in Figma and then exported it as PNG or JPG. I tried many variations of image sizes  and tried x1, x2, 0.5x.. all these look blurry once uploaded to Typeform:


PNG, 36 KB, 1269 × 714px

PNG, 82KB, 2538 × 1428px

PNG, 134KB, 3807 × 2142px

PNG, 53KB, 1680 x 984px


JPG, 108KB, 1269 × 714px

JPG, 267KB, 2538 × 1428px

JPG, 154KB, 1680 x 984px



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Hi @avital_negev Our support team let me know they’ve got a ticket open with you to look further into this, which might be the best help since they can test the image in your account. 

Let us know if they resolve the issue!

Thanks @Liz , unfortunately they weren’t able to assist.
All they suggested is to set the Brightness and Contrast...

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Hi @avital_negev I have our tech team taking a second look at this for you. :grinning:

Hello! Has there been any known resolution to this? Having the same issue on my end - image looks terrible. 

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Hi @AE Design Could you send the URL of your form and a screenshot of which image is blurry? Additionally, what devices/browsers are you testing on?