Custom Typeform to SFDC Mapping

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I’m pretty sure what I’m about to ask for is NOT possible - but it sure would be a nice feature.

I am building a lead-gen form and I would like to use graphical options in my answer, with easy to understand text - and map them to product names in Salesforce.

For example:


Easy to use point and click tool → Product 1

A script based tool → Product 2


Etc. - where “Product 1 and Product 2” are pick-list values in Salesforce, and the text versions are the text options in Typeform


Is this possible?





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Hi @wpaliska ,

Quick clarification question - are you using the ‘picture’ question in Typeform and wanting to map the text under the picture option to Salesforce? If you can provide a screencast or video of what you’re trying to do I’d be happy to see if I can help you resolve it. 


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The info @vickioneill asked for will be super handy for us to get a better idea, @wpaliska ! :grin:

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Here is (basically) what I am trying to do - for each “picture” below, I would like to associate a “product name” in Salesforce.


My salesforce picklist has product name values - like “dotData Enterprise” “dotData Py” etc. - that someone filling out a form won’t necessarily be familiar with


So, ideally, when they click on “GUI-Based...” I would like the Salesforce value to be “dotData Enterprise”


Hope this helps



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@wpaliska - a user from the suggestion 

  • if Qn = A replace v_product with ‘dotData Enterprise’
  • if Qn =B replace v_product with ‘dotData Py’ 

and then map the v_product variable to the product name field in sforce


is that the logic you would need to add to the Qn logic rules?? 



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Hi @john.desborough 


Thanks for the suggestion - the only problem with using a variable is that (if I recall) it creates (basically) a new “field” that has to be mapped back to SFDC - and the current Typeform to SFDC integration requires ALL form fields to be mapped to an equivalent SFDC field - so I can’t map v_product to the product name in SFDC since I also have the original question that needs to be mapped.

Only way around it (that I am aware of) is to create a bogus SFDC field where I can map whichever Typeform question I don’t need.


Hope my explanation is clear...and thanks for the suggestion

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@kabir.mathur you don’t by chance happen to know of any other workarounds, do you? 

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Interesting use case. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a workaround @Liz.