• 11 August 2023
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I am unable to have decimal number input when I set it up as number input only. Any tips?


Best answer by Liz 11 August 2023, 16:39

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3 replies

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Hi @domnayek Thanks for stopping by the community! We don’t currently support decimals, but I can share your feedback with the product team. 

Guys... I've seen this being requested in at least 5 different posts, going as far back as early 2021.

And every time, the 'feedback is shared with the product team.' Yet here we are, almost 3 years later, and the simplest functionality (adding a '.' to a number input) is still not available.

I spent 2-3 hours building a form to my specifications, only to realize that my users cannot input a decimal, making the entire form useless. I'm forced to move on, left with a very bitter taste from dealing with a stagnant, slow-moving, deflecting 'tech' company.

Maybe you care to discuss work arounds or actually escalate this feature request once and for all. 


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Hi @c.r.pechau Totally get the frustration - I want decimals, too! I’ll share the feedback about there being no notification about decimals in the product. That would be really helpful.