Disable enter as a shortcut to proceeding to the next page?

  • 25 November 2021
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The user has to provide Long Text response to a question.

To create a new line they have to hold Shift + Enter. 

Can I disable the Enter button from submitting the answer and proceeding to the next page such that the only way to proceed is to click OK. That way the user can hit Enter only to create a new line which will be more intuitive. 



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2 replies

Hi all, new to the community and typeform.

I am building a form and using the Long text type which works well on mobile as a user can put in a line break by just hitting enter.

My problem is that the desktop version expects the user to use shift enter for a line break.

This is annoying.

Is there anyway I can change the definition of this answer field in desktop mode to accept enter as a line break and rely on the user clicking on the button to go to a next question i.e. hitting enter does not jump to next question.



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Hey @David A and @THHPCS! Welcome to our Community!

I apologize for our limitations at this time but I'm afraid it isn’t possible to disable the Enter button from submitting the answer. :pensive: The respondent will always have to click "Shift + Enter" if they wish to put a line break. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'll be happy to help!