Does the below possible to make in typeform? Please clarify

  • 11 March 2021
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Hello Folks, Need your advise whether the below logic can be created using typeform?

I need to have Weekly, day and time from and end time. Availability of the customer.




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Hi @Meeran Moideen thanks for stopping by the community! Are these time slots you’re available or the time slots the respondents are available? And should the times be removed once selected? 

Hi @Liz , Thanks for your swift response. The time slots will help to understand/record the respondents availability in our Database.

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@Meeran Moideen @Liz 

was just looking at something else in a test of my own and i saw this question: 

would a Matrix question with multiple answers, along the lines shown, be a possible way to present?? I know it is not perfect and this is just an example.. 




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Ooo, I love this idea, @john.desborough ! Didn’t even think of this. Would that work for you, @Meeran Moideen ? The one downside is that, if a time slot is selected, it wouldn’t be able to be removed automatically for the next respondent (if that’s something you’re looking for).

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@Liz @Meeran Moideen 

the matrix question is something could be used, for example, to these are the time slots that i could typically be available for office hours - i could select all the appropriate times that i know of now. 

the problem is trying to pick the time slot that works. This where something like the integration to or use of Calendly would be a great thing to enable:

  • here are the times that the client has available, as shown in the matrix - capture these into some for of database (or integrate into CRM meeting availability tool??) 
  • automate the assessment of the output data (given that logic/calculations not yet available on Matrix questions, i believe) and if multiple days and multiple times are shown as having been entered by client (you can do this in google sheets) you could then send an email inviting the client to click the Calendly (for example) link to select the date and time that best meets their availability

just spitballing an idea here..