Elaborate on multiple choice answers

  • 29 September 2021
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Can anyone tell me, is it possible to add a ‘please describe/provide detail’ on the multiple choice questions?


Yes (please provide brief detail)


Don’t know


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Hi @JuliesBicycle Are you looking to add this into the text they can select from? Or have another field where they can provide more detail? 

hi @Liz 

I’m looking to add it into the text they select from i.e.

if the mutiple choices answers were

  1. yes (please provide a brief description)
  2. no
  3. don’t know

So I’m looking for an additional space in a. so that the respondent can provide some brief detail.

I know there is an ‘other’ button, but this doesn’t really work when I need to get a little bit more detail on all answers. It’s also slightly confusing if I have to direct the respondent to another box to fill...if you see what I mean?

Any help would be hugely appreciated as this seems to be my only stumbling block in using Typeform.


Hi @JuliesBicycle! This is from another user.

From the top of my head, one workaround that might work is to use the “other” option and change the label for “yes (please provide a brief description)” in [Settings→Messages→Label for “Other” answer option]. The users can write up about 255 characters inside the "other" field. Do you think this can do the trick? See example below:



Hi @Paulo 

That sort of helps, but not quite. I didn’t realise I could change the text so it’s useful to know for some of the questions, thank you!

However, as the text can’t be changed for individual questions it only helps with some questions.

Do you know if there is a way to change the word for each individual question?



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Hi @JuliesBicycle I’m afraid it isn’t possible to change it per individual question. :\ Though, you could add a short text question right after that question to have them explain more about their answer!

@JuliesBicycle Yes, the downside of this workaround is that all “other” options would look like that.

As @Liz suggested, I think using a short text + logic jumps would be a best option. I have a few forms that requires the respondent to entry details when a specific option is chosen, but using logic jumps the respondent does not even feel the difference when we ask complementary questions. See the example for a look of how it works:



Thanks for all your answers. I’ve had to use something else in this instance which is a real shame as Typeform looks great.

I will try again when I’m looking for less of a mix in my answers.

Thanks All!