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  • 16 January 2022
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Cheers everyone!

I’m using typeform to create some quizzes to test knowledge in some specific areas with 8-bit arcade games visual to and it’s becomming absolutelly awesome.

Only thing is that, if you all remember, arcade games used to have a high score board in the end.

Any ideas on how I could do that?



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9 replies

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Hi @kellywonder I miss arcade games!! Especially pinball. :( 

The easiest way you could do this within Typeform would be to add a link to the Report on the ending page. 

You could also use a third-party source, like Google Data Studio, and redirect your respondents to the data outside of Typeform. 


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Thanks Liz!

I ended up doing something similar. I integrated it to google sheets.
Then in google sheets I created a dynamic table to filter and sort some data and used a table chart presentation to present first names and scores.

Then I created a page on Google Sites and embeded the table chart on it and linked it to the ending slide on the form.

Gave me a bit of work but I gained more options to add to the web page other links to other interesting contents.

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@kellywonder - that’s a great use case.. if you would care to take a quick video walkthrough of your solution, I am sure that many other users in the Community would love to benefit from your sweat and tears to get that done. (just kidding - i know just the sort of effort that you went through!) 




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Yes, please let us know what you set up, @kellywonder ! We would love to see it. :grinning:

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So I just recorded a video showing the setup of my typeforms.

We created 3 quizzes with like an 8bit arcade game look and feel.

There are 2 different logics:

  1. One of the games counts lives: player starts with 3 lives and for each wrong answer it subtracts one. For each question  there are two slides of answers, one for correct and one for wrong. After each wrong answer we check how many lives they have and if it is equal to zero it jumps to a “game over” ending. If the user ends the game with at least one life, they get to a “you win” ending, and dependning of how many spared lives the player gets XP: 50, 75 or 100XP according to the number of lives. 
  2. Two other games are based on score. So the player will always go through all the questions, but score only on the correct answers. At the end, if you have low score you get to a “game over” ending, or else you get to a “you win” ending.

Before the ending, the game is submitted after the user choose to accept (yes/no) having their name on the score board, for obvious privacy reasons.

All the ending slides have a link the Leaderboard, wich is a page we created on Google Sites. We use Google GSuite, so the following components were created using its resources. 

To get the results to show at the page, here’s what we’ve done:

  1. connected the quiz typeform to google sheets. It automatically creates a spreadsheet with all the collected data and is is updated on every form submission.
  2. In the google sheet, we created a second sheet with filtered data, and a third one with a pivot table that lists only the names for the leaderboard in the decrescent order of scores.
  3. To transform the pivot table in a better looking and responsive element we created a script that creates an html from the pivot table.
  4. Using google sites, we created a page alusive to the game and embeded the html page generated by the script.

More details in the video:


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@kellywonder - absolutely awesome!! well done .. hats off… kudos.. bouquets… (i just ran out of superlatives for this .. ) thanks for sharing .. and, seriously, well done!


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@kellywonder this is so cool!!! Thank you for sharing!! What a brilliant idea. 

@James adding you here to see this. :grinning:

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@kellywonder incredible stuff, bravo!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this, I was blown away from the start when you showed the design but then the solution kept getting more and more wondrous :robot::robot:

Love hearing about creative new ways to use Typeform and this is certainly one of these :clap:  Let us know once this goes live. Would love to see how and where you deliver this to your audience – and share the solution with our community to have a look!

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Incrível, @kellywonder! Love your use case! Kudos to you! :clap_tone2:

I'm also in Brazil at the moment (I'm Brazilian so I'm staying here for a few months to be with family), so I was very curious to check your website and the link of your form (when you launch it!). Can you send it to me? Thanks!! :wink: