Fraction Calculation Logic Questions

  • 22 September 2022
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1. I have 60 questions
2.socre value is empty
3. I set the value of 5 dimensions ABCDE, also set empty
4. In test 1, I set the value of 5 dimensions to 1, and added a total value, just want to make a statistic after the customer completes the test, and found that the total can be calculated, but the five dimensions of ABCDE cannot be counted , I also want to know the values of the five dimensions of ABCDE
5. Test 2, set 2 rules in each set of questions, assign "1"" to A, and then assign A to total, and found that the value of ABCDE still cannot be counted.
Now what I want to be able to do is
1. What are the values of the ABCDE items?
2. Then add all the values of the items together.
3. I have linked Google Sheets



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Hi @funeng Happy Thursday! It looks like you’ve got a great start to this. @john.desborough may be able to help answer your questions for you - he’s the math wizard!

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1. The abstract_r value is 26, which is based on test 2. At that time, I just did
The value of abstract_r, but I changed all of them later, other values cannot be counted
2. During the testing process, before the point of confirmation, how to do google sheet can record every action. At present, the default is to complete all the questions, click each option, and the google sheet will have a record

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@Liz my problem is not solved.

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@funeng - i am not clear on your problem…

I am making the assumption that the ABCDE values you refer to are the 5 variables you have created. please advise if this is correct. 

from your image - which i show below - to properly implement the logic I think you are trying to achieve, you should add 1 to abstract_r on this question. don’t add abstract_r to total until the very last question where you are looking to create the final total


if there are other questions that are going to add another value to abstract_r and  you continue to add abstract_r to total in each question , you are overstating the value. 


suggest you add points to your variables (they are subtotals) up to the last question and then you can add all the subtotals to total for the final score. 



If you are assigning different point values for each choice in a question, please confirm. 

if you could show a screen shot of your question, as the user would see it, that would help too.. 





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I want to count the value of abstract_r and also the value of total
how should i fill it out



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How is the total score set?

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I tried to assign the 2.5 value to the exact answer for the different dimensions, but now I get the dimension value is correct, but I count the fractional value wrong, now I don't know where I am going wrong.

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