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  • 17 March 2021
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Hi there folks,


I’m workign in the new builder and my form isn’t quite working - likely due to a fault somewhere logic jump (I’m new to this!).


Basically, in the penultimate question, a “submit” button replaces the “ok” button which then cuts the form short. When I look on my logic map I have a weird connection that I can find nowhere in my code. I suspect this is the cause of my problem but have no idea why this is occurring or how I can fix this…

I have shown the “rogue” connection in the screenshot below.


Any help very very much appreciated as this is slowly driving me insane!



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Hey @chrisclaynz. Welcome to the Typeform Community! :hugging:


I've taken a look at your screenshot and can see what's happening here :) One of the rules of Logic Jump to keep in mind is that Logic Jump can’t send respondents backward in the form to a question they haven’t been to before. This will end the form prematurely by showing respondents the submit button. For example, if you set a Logic Jump to take your respondents from Q1 to Q5, you are skipping Q2Q3, and Q4. This is fine, however, the problem arises if you then jump them back to any of Q2Q3, or Q4 after. This is because these questions never appeared in the respondent's journey to the current question.


To fix this, you'll just need to reassess the order of your questions and make sure you're not jumping respondents back to a question they didn't come through already.


For more info on this or other Logic Jump troubleshooting advice, you can head to this article. Hope this helps! =)

Thanks so much - I’ll give this a try right away :)


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My pleasure, Chris! :) Let us know how it goes!