how can I assign points to each answers?

  • 16 March 2021
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hi everyone, I’m doing a course survey for my company. let me explain a little bit, we have 8 courses about tech such as data science, ux writing… so we want to send a survey to our new client to see which course is best for them. for example, Q1:  In your everyday life, what helps you to feel fulfilled?

  1. Completing a difficult logic puzzle (Data Science or Data Analytics)

  2. Listening to and helping family and friends through difficult life issues (UX/UI Design)

  3. Arranging a trip with friends, taking into account everyone’s time, budget, and preferences(Product Management)

  4. Organizing your home in an ordered and logical way(Web Development)

  5. Sharing an imaginative story with children that you designed yourself  (Content Design & UX Writing)

we need some tool that can assign points to each answer and then deliver the 3 results with best punctuation.

do you know how to do it?

4 replies

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Hi @shijia thanks for stopping by! There are a few ways to approach it, but I think the easiest way would be through this setup here:grinning: In this setup, it doesn’t apply points, but would this setup work? If you’d still like to apply points regardless, let me know!

Thanks a lot liz! it’s really helpful!

btw, is this setup free?

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Hi @shijia woot! Glad to hear! It depends a bit on how many questions and logic jumps you add to the form. You can see what’s included in our Free plan here!