How can we change the placeholder for the address field ?

  • 22 November 2022
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29 replies

Hi, I am a first-time user in the EU, and I am currently encountering an issue with the address field, which is pre-filled with a US address. I have noticed that this issue has been raised multiple times in this topic. Can I make adjustments to this? Having a field without visible US addresses would be very helpful. Is this possible? 

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Hi @Nyn Welcome to the community! We don’t have this feature available to change/edit, but I’ll share your use case with the product team. 

Just adding my ‘vote’ to this request - it would be helpful to be able to amend the placeholder text or, if that is not possible, to hide the placeholders entirely.

My business is in the UK so references to the USA are not appropriate.

In my situation, I'm managing a service that caters exclusively to females, yet the placeholder for the name is "Carlos." This presents a significant challenge for us as it causes confusion among users when signing up. Is there a solution to this issue?