how do i set the logic for multiple choices?

  • 9 February 2023
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Hi, all


I’m trying to make order form using typeform

I have to make multiple choises but can’t find how to set the logic 


for example, i have  A, B , C choices

then there are 7 result (A, B, C, A&B, A&C, B&C, A&B&C)

i know the way i set the logic for just A then go to end ,   or A&B&C  then go to end

but how do i set the logic for A&B or B&C or A&C ?


customer wants A & C

he checked A , C 

then next question page shows question about A

like “how many A would you buy ?” then i want to make next question go to question about C, skipping the question about B

did you get it? english is not my first language 

lt kind of ackward to you but i hope you understand my situation. 




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I had a very similar problem yesterday, and their video about Ordering Logic helped me a lot:

Wow big applaud 👏 👏 

It helped me a lot