how to add a banner across all question


I want to run a study using typform but my university requires that at the bottom of each page / question slide is a link to the privacy/data protection declaration and an email to contact the researcher.

  1. How do I add a textblock including the linke and email that occurs at the bottom of each page/question slide?
  2. How do I add an email like without it being automatically but wrongly recognized as a webpage “” ?


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Hi @Kai Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by. 

We don’t have an option to add text to the footer of the form, though an option would be to upload a background image that has the URL and email within in. It wouldn’t link to it, but it would at least be there. That would also prevent it from hyperlinking automatically to the email address. Would that work for you? :grinning:


Hi Liz,

it is a work around for sure, but a bit weird nevertheless because it also means, people who indeed want to use the link or email cannot just copy and paste it… I have to think about it but thank you for your quick response!


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@Kai - if you embed the typeform on a web page that has the required information “around” the typeform, would that work?

if so, look at the options related to embedding the typeform in the Share panel


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@Kai Oo! I love @john.desborough ‘s solution. Depending on what website builder you’re using, it should be pretty easy to setup, too.