How to create 2 submit form endings?

Hi Community,

I have a quite extended decision tree. Once in an upper line I use the submit form to quick end the flow (the red box). But I also need to end quickly with a second submit form option below, at the second red bok which is in a different scenario.

I also use quiz/score endings (from A-Z, 28 solutions) for different other scenarios answers.

How can I address the 1st and 2nd red box quick ending, while I can not let to quiz questions and score endings?

Any ideas?


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Hi @Iwona Happy Thursday! Thanks for sending this over. 

It isn’t possible to have two different submit buttons on the form, but you could use logic jumps to skip over questions/show different endings after the submit button has been clicked. Would logic jumps help? 

Hi Liz, yes I tried to use logic jumps, this time I need to end the questionnaire, as no more questions should be asked and no more screen fit the questionnaire afterwards. As probably there is no logic jump, but rather content change.

It seems like I need to tell 2 different stories by one tool, it seems for me not possible.

I tried to skip/jump to common next screen, but there is no common content I can use at the end.
I think I have the solution to split the qnr into 2 different and embed it step by step on the website.

Having one separate ending, to one story and another separate ending to another story.



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Hi @Iwona Hm, I’m not quite sure I understand why logic jumps wouldn’t work. They would allow you to skip over questions that don’t apply and show different endings accordingly. Do you mind sharing what you already have built?