How to set up the right logic?

Hi, is it possible to set up a IF condition based on answers of two questions?

1st Question: How often do you exercise per week?
2nd Question: Do you consume supplements (e.g. Protein powder, vitamins etc.)?

If a survey participant answers “Never” for the 1st question and “No” for the 2nd question the person should directly jump to the end of the survey. How is it possible to set up this kind of logic? 

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi @FTTQG Yes, this is possible! The way that you have it set up now would allow you to see all of the questions on the form. However, you would need to add this logic to the second question in order to see both questions one and two in the logic settings. 

Hi Liz, thanks for the fast reply. What do you mean with “you would need to add this logic to the second question”? In the screenshot I’ve shared, it is not possible to click question 2 after the AND condition. The drop down menu only shows question 1.

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@FTTQG - on question 1 you can only use a logic rule that relates to the answer from question 1 or from a variable that already exists. You can’t tell it to do anything related to questions further down your quiz

on question 2, you would have the  following logic rules in plave 

  • if q1 = never AND q2 =  NO then go to Ending A 
  • All other cases go to q-???

you can also have other rules like q1=never and q2= yes go to q8

you just have to figure out the patterns - i usually draw them on a whiteboard or my Remarkable 



Hi John, understood! Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it!

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Let us know if you have any other questions, @FTTQG !