I would like for only people who answer YES to specific questions to be able to book a calendy invite

  • 16 January 2023
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Hello there community! 


I am creating a lead generation campaign. For the qualified leads, I would like for them to be able to book a Calendly invite, for those who are not qualified I would like for them to get a ‘’Thank you for your Time’’ message & not be able to book a time in our time Calendly. I don't want all participants to be able to book a meeting with me only those who qualify for our services. It looks like I can do this using the logic feature based on answers however, I can't seem to find out how to use the Calendly invite in the ‘’endings’’ portion as opposed to It being a part of the questions. 


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@SolarGen - can’t use it in the ending BUT you could redirect the user from the original for to a second form which has the Calendly booking question on it.. 

means you need to play with redirects and hidden fields - in the second form - to accept the incoming info from the user, but that’s not a difficult thing to implement



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@SolarGen were you able to give the above suggestion a go? Let us know how it went!