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  • 22 November 2022
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I am leading a class discussion about how private corporations evaluate priorities when making decisions about efficient natural resource use. I want to use the interactive fiction template to create a choose your own adventure questioner. It will give individual characters a chance to make dictions about how they run their own business, especially considering the SEC likelihood of requiring reporting of some sort in the near future. I also want to incorporate 10 questions, ranging from 2-5 options per questions. My questions are:

How expansive can the selection process become? How do I ensure I can navigate everyone both on their own journey but still coming across the same 10 questions eventually? 

How do you set the selections so 10 groups could play the same game and end up with as many as 10 differing outcomes? Or do I have to create 10 different games and share one with each group?

How do I share the platform access with 10 different groups of people?

Is there a way to tabulate which groups made which choices? 


Thank you! I am brand new to this platform and want to create something amazing. Deadlines looming. lol





2 replies

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Hi @StoryGlory Thanks for stopping by! Could you share a bit more about what questions you want to add and how you’d like your respondents to answer them? For example, will everyone be given the same set of questions? 

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Hey @StoryGlory Hope you’re doing well! Let us know if you still need help with setting everything up for your choose your own adventure typeform, sounds like a great way to use Typeform in the classroom, keep us posted!