Is it possible to hide options based on previous answers?

  • 24 November 2022
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I would like to find out if the following is possible to do on Typeform:

  1. “What is the main reason for…” - Respondent is asked to select one out of five options
  2. “What are some other reasons for… “ - respondent is asked to multi-select from the same list (but the a previously selected answer won’t appear there)

Is there a way of creating this “option” logic?


Many thanks :)


2 replies

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@voicemod - you can’t do it dynamically ie reduce the list BUT you can create separate pages that show the 0ne-removed list and use logic rules to send someone to the correct page

  • if q1 =a then go to question for a-removed list.. etc.. 


Hi Des, thanks for your help and the confirmation of my hypothesis :). Thought it could be the case!


Really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.


Thanks again,