Is there a suitable image size for each layout?

  • 22 July 2022
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Is there anyone who can let me know the suitable image size for each layout? 

I already referred to below article.

On the basis of full screen layout, the recommended width is 800 pixels.  Did I understand right?


I want to know exact image size in details. 

ex) length and width of full screen layout(4), half screen lay out(3) …. 



Please hlep me🙏


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5 replies

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Hi @jandi While we don’t have any specific measurements for those images, our tech team advises that you upload the best quality of photo that you have. The typeform will automatically adjust the image accordingly. 

Hi Liz, unfortunately that is not a helpful response. Specific measurements would be useful as I’ve tried creating several background images that when resized, graphic elements are lost. Very hard to make a background image that works well.

I’m having the same experience where I remain within size guidelines and no matter what I do my background images are never sized properly.

This is very frustrating.

To add to the frustration there are multiple old threads with people complaining about the same thing and Typeform does not offer live help with my current plan (if it’s offered at a higher tier - why would I pay more if I can’t get it to work, I’m tech savvy, and I have yet to see this problem resolved in the community forums?). 

I sincerely regret convincing my management team to sign up for this service at this point. 

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@Frank A. - have you raised a ticket with Typeform Support about this? 

that’s the primary support mechanism from Typeform while this Community is more peer-to peer with the support of Liz, Grace and number of other Typeform staff.. 

if you have connected with Typeform Support, what sort of response did they give you to the issue??



Hi Jandi,

I was looking into the same answer. The best solution i found was taking a screen shot of the area the picturing is taking up on the page, and then creating a blank canva document with those pixel dimensions. I had reasonable success using that technique. Obviously not perfect, but I hope that helps!